Professional Point to Point Shuttle
1st Shuttle Service

1st Shuttle Service is the best point-to-point car service in Kansas City to get from A to B without any of those pesky traffic jams that make you pine for home. Our shuttles are spacious and comfortable, with upholstery tailored just for your trip! Plus, we have drivers available 24/7, so there’s always someone on call if something comes up unexpectedly – or even before it starts happening.

We’ll confirm all pickup locations + and drop-offs; give you all pricing info along with an estimated arrival time frame.

Efficient Transportation

There are a few different options for how you can get from Point  A to B. The fastest way is by transfer, but it’s not always available, so people may choose an airport location instead of one closer in order to avoid waiting around at the origin point too long if they’re going through some heavy traffic on their journey there.

We’re the best company to call when you need a ride. Our chauffeurs are professional and courteous. They’ll get your destination filled with comfort, safety, and efficiency – just         what everyone wants from their travels in style (and at an affordable price).


You want to make your business trip or vacation as smooth and seamless in the process of getting there, staying long enough for it to be worthwhile. That’s why we’re here. Our expert team can handle all aspects, from finding you a safe place downtown near where ever important things happen (Airport), then once grounded, giving directions on how to get around town without any trouble whatsoever, even if that means making use of some public transportation during late hours when everything else shuts down.

We make sure your travel experience is nothing short of luxurious, whether you are traveling on a budget or indulging in high-end luxury.

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